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Astell&Kern High-End Portable Amp & Dac

Ahora es posible usar aptX™ HD, el último códec Bluetooth de Qualcomm® para recibir datos de alta calidad de 24 bits / 48KHz de forma inalámbrica. El AK XB10 está diseñado para reproducir fielmente los datos de alta calidad transmitidos mediante la reconocida tecnología de sonido de Astell & Kern.

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Bluetooth without compromise

The AK XB10 delivers a distinctive difference in sound from conventional Bluetooth products. The moment you hear it, you wonder "Does this sound really come from Bluetooth?". Astell&Kern's outstanding technologies are throughout aptX™ HD to support 24bit/48kHz Bluetooth performance, along with DAC and AMP, essential components of fine audio. The utmost in Bluetooth listening pleasure: AK XB10.

Qualcomm® aptX™ HD

While the AK XB10 is a device that wirelessly transmits audio data from smartphones via Bluetooth, it is quite different from conventional Bluetooth devices, in that it supports the aptX™ HD Bluetooth codec. Just as the display resolutions of televisions evolved from standard to high-definition to 4K ultra-HD for sharper image quality, we are now in the era in which Bluetooth now supports 24-bit audio resolution. 24-bit HD audio that was simply not possible with previous Bluetooth technologies can now be fully enjoyed with aptX™ HD.

Dual Audio Output

Have you ever seen a tiny headphone jack where ordinary earphones cannot be plugged? This is known as a 2.5 mm "sub-mini" audio connector. It's also known as a balanced connector. Modes of transmitting an analog signal can be divided into balanced and unbalanced. An unbalanced connection typically consists of a signal (L + R) and the ground. The ground is supposed to prevent external noise, but noise can still be introduced to the signal and can affect transmitted signals that causes variations and noise in sound.

iOS & Android Compatible

The AK XB10 is compatible with all iOS and Android devices. The AK XB10 supports the SBC, aptX™, and aptX™ HD codecs for Android devices and the AAC codec for iOS.
Forget about device compatibility issues, turn on your smartphone's Bluetooth, and connect the AK XB10. You can also connect any laptop/notebook that supports Bluetooth. You will be transported to a new world of sound the moment the AK XB10 is connected to your smartphone.

¿Que hay en la caja?

Ficha Técnica

  • Body Color Black
  • Bluetooth Version Bluetooth 4.1, Class2
  • Range Maximum of 10 meters
  • Output Level 2.5mm Balanced : 1.8Vrms / 3.5mm Unbalanced : 0.9Vrms
  • Dimensions 1.97 ”(50 mm) [W] x 1.97 ”(50 mm) [H] x 0.48 ”(12.3 mm) [D]
  • Bluetooth Profile A2DP (multi), AVRCP, HFP, HSP
  • Codec SBC, AAC, aptX™, aptX™ HD
  • Hours of Operation Approximately 5 hours for music playing and phone calls
  • Weight 0.81 oz (23 g)
  • Frequency Band 2.4 - 2.4835 GHz ISM Band
  • Port 2.5mm Balanced / 3.5mm Unbalanced
  • Charging Time Approximately 2 hours


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